Best Home Exercise Machine for weight loss India 2020

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Best Home Exercise Machine for weight loss India 2020 | Buy on Amazon

Should I purchase a piece of Home Exercise Machine?

You do not need to own home fitness equipment to stay in shape! But here are a few good reasons you should consider your very own machine:

  • Home fitness equipment saves you time relative to driving to the gym, changing clothes, working out, showering, changing again, and driving home.
  • Best Home Exercise Machine allows you to work out indoors so that rain, sleet, and locusts are unable to keep you from your schedule. Keeping a constant schedule is the key to achieving your goals. It is said that if you do something for 30 days it will become a habit. If you rely on an outside activity, such as running, you must battle inclement weather in order to develop a healthy habit.
  • Many machines have programmable computers. These are helpful if you are a person who needs to have a specific goal right in front of your face at all times.

What kind of home fitness equipment is best for me?

Here are some tips for discovering which type of home fitness equipment is right for you:

  • Go to a local gym with a friend and try out the different types of machines. This will help you discover which type of machine feels best to you and will give you a sense of how a high-end machine feels.
  • What do you like doing? Do you like to walk, run, bike, row, or ski? If you like one of these activities in the outside world you will probably enjoy the machine equivalent.
  • Determine what your long-term fitness goals are. If your goals are for becoming a muscle-bound hulk, go with a home gym. If your goals are for aerobic fitness choose a treadmill, skier, rower, or bike.

How should I shop for Home Exercise Machine ?

Here are some tips for shopping for home exercise equipment:

– Print out or write down the models you get from the buying guide section of this guide.
– Take the list and go to retailers in your area that carry the models you are interested in.
– Wear gym clothes and sneakers when you go to the store.
– Test out the machines you are interested in. Note you already know how this machine should feel because you used one at your friend’s gym.

The machine should feel comfortable to you. Every machine will feel different for every person who tries it. If it is not comfortable in the store, it is very unlikely that it will be comfortable in your home.

The machine should have a solid feel about it. Occasionally, a loose feel means that the machine does not fit together as well as others. Machines that feel loose are more likely to fail than solid machines.

Be aware of how loud the machine is. If you intend on watching television while on this thing, it cannot be too loud.

Try to find retailers with a money back guarantee. Some offer 30-day satisfaction guarantees.

Top Best Home Exercise Machine

1. Lifeline 6 Station Home Gym

Best Home Exercise Machine for weight loss  

     2. Kamachi Home Gym

Best Home Exercise Machine for weight loss India 2020



      3. Lifeline Hg 002 Square Home Gym

bets home Gym

       4. Viva Fitness KH-318 Multi use Home Gym

Best Home Exercise Machine for weight loss India 2020


Things to consider

Smoothness: Higher quality machines usually feel smooth when performing the exercise. This means that throughout each and every exercise there is no feeling of interference with the equipment or your motions. A good machine will feel totally smooth throughout each exercise. You will quickly understand the difference when testing and comparing the least expensive equipment to the most expensive equipment.

Biomechanics: This means how the machine fits your body. To determine this is, try performing as many movements as possible on the equipment while in the store. For example, when you perform a bench press you should feel it in your chest, not your joints and not in your lower back (as long as you are using the correct form). This is the same with all exercises on the machine. Have the sales associate demonstrate the movement for you and let you know where you should be feeling the “burn.” Then try it yourself and make sure that you feel the exercise in the muscle, not the joints or some other part of the body. If you do not feel the movements in the correct place, ask the sales person to adjust the machine and try it again.

Buying tips

Measure the dimensions of the space planned for your exercise equipment before you shop. This includes height, width, and length of the space. You will be happy to find that the newer machines are remarkably space efficient.

Have a sales associate demonstrate an exercise then allow you to perform as many different movements as possible. Make sure that you get a chance to include major muscle group exercises (shoulders, back, chest, legs, calves, etc.) on the equipment. This is essential when you take into account that many home gyms will be comfortable with a few basic exercises, but it is only when you begin to use the full range of exercises that you will notice faults in the low quality machines.

Ask the sales person to show you each exercise and explain its purpose. If it does not feel right to you, let the sales person know. Dress comfortably and try to test the machines you are interested in for at least 20 minutes.


Treadmills are perfect for people who love to walk, jog, or run. The Treadmill has become one of the most popular pieces of Best Home Exercise Machine on the market today. They allow you to train for a wide range of sports and activities and provide a variety of other health benefits.

You can use a treadmill to increase your endurance, lose weight, and for aerobic training as well as for cardiovascular and physical therapies.

Since they have become so popular, the major question on everyone’s mind is “What should I look for when buying a treadmill?” There are many things to consider in such an important purchase. But it will ultimately come down to in the end is what fits your personal need the best.

Benefits of treadmills:

Easy to learn
Can run in any weather

Usage tips:

Read and follow the advice on your owner’s manual!
Raising the incline while at a brisk walk can have excellent
aerobic results.
When you feel comfortable, remove your hands from the rails.
This will enhance the exercise.

Things to consider when buying a treadmill

Programs: If you have decided to get a treadmill because you have used one in your gym, ask yourself if you used programs then. If not do not make it a requirement when considering different choices. However, if you did, you should consider a treadmill with programs.

Heart Rate Control (HRC): Basically, HRC is able to adjust the speed and incline to keep your body in a specified heart rate zone. Heart rate control not only allows you to monitor your heartbeat but it also gives your treadmill a brain.

Belt: Belt size directly translates to your treadmill’s walking surface size. You should get a belt at least 18 inches wide and with enough length to accommodate a comfortable stride.

Deck: You will need a deck that is durable, low maintenance and shock resistant. A treadmill’s deck should be firm, yet give way to a high impact stride. This will absorb some of the shock normally subjected to your ankles and knees. No maintenance decks are usually self lubricating, which allows the belt to glide over the deck with ease causing less wear on the treadmill’s motor, deck, belt and rollers.

Horsepower: Unless you buy a treadmill with a strong motor, you will easily wear it out. Make sure you find out the treadmill’s “continuous-duty horsepower” rather than the “peak horsepower” which many salespeople will give you in order to make their treadmill seem better. The higher continuous-duty horsepower is the rating for 24-hour continuous usage and typically means that the treadmill can withstand more weight and it is easier for the treadmill to maintain a steady speed with harder impacts due to running at higher speeds. Peak horsepower is the ability for it any given moment and cannot be constant.

Speed: They typically run from 0 to 10 mph and are either built for walking or running. You should choose a treadmill that matches what you will be using it for. It is important to buy one with a low starting speed so that you don’t lose your balance when your treadmill starts.

Hand Rails: Most offer rails in many different locations. Some only have a rail in the front and others have rails that extend from the console all the way to the floor. You should choose the treadmill you feel the most comfortable using.

Incline: The power incline motor allows you to raise and lower the treadmill’s elevation while you are walking or running on the treadmill instead of having to stop and raise or lower using a manual lever.

Top 3 Best Treadmills India 2020

Best Home Exercise Machine for weight loss India 2020









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Best Home Exercise Machine for weight loss India 2020button

Best Home Fitness Equipment Stair climbers

Stair climbers are great for people who are pursuing an intense aerobic work out without the impact of running. Stair climbers are also excellent machines for burning up calories and exercising the major muscle groups of the lower body. The basics to any product are sturdy, padded handrails to aid balance, electronic programs to keep you interested, and easy-to-set resistance settings. The best stair climbers keep your feet on an even plane with the floor at all times, allowing natural foot articulation. Add-on accessories for the upper body can provide a total body workout. Furthermore, stepping or climbing can be a thorough exercise in just the effort it takes. An all-out workout on a stair climber can consume as much energy as you are capable of producing.

Benefits of stair climbers:

Low shock to the body while offering a high intensity work out.
Some people find it easy to read while using.

You should avoid stair climbers if:

You have bad knees – many people with bad knees find
stair climbers uncomfortable.

Usage tips:

Read and follow the advice on your owner’s manual!
Always keep your knees bent – do not allow full extension of the knee.
Put as little pressure on the handrail as possible.
Do not lift your heels while climbing.


Home gyms

In the fitness industry, you should consider companies that have made fitness equipment for home and commercial users. These companies will have in depth experience in knowing what you want and will use and what does not work. They can also help you with finding machines that are durable and have the right biomechanics.

Things to consider when buying a Home Gym

Stability: The more welds mean more strength and stability. Every machine will have some bolted pieces, as well as welded pieces.

Cables and Pulleys: Look for nylon pulleys and test cable of at least 1500 lbs.
Pads: High quality pads means that the pads will not dry out, smell, or crack after repeated use. Look for polyurethane, molded pads on all of the press arms and areas that come in contact with your body. Some models even have contoured pads that are designed to fit the shape of your forearm, lower back, etc.

Accessories & Attachments: The better units will come with some of these accessories as part of the basic unit. Good home gyms are amazingly versatile even beyond the initial basic unit. Padded ankle straps to work inner and outer thighs, abdominal straps, and straight bars for arm exercises are examples of accessories that can truly increase the value and flexibility of your home gym. Other popular additions include an added leg press or more weight plates for the basic weight stack. This is helpful if you have teenagers or budding athletes in the home whose needs will change as they become stronger.

Bearings: Quality machines will have bearings that reduce wear and tear over the long term. Look for oil impregnated brass bearings and ask the salesman about bearings.

Buying Tips
Only look at machines that will fit your space requirements comfortably. Make sure that the home gym you select is adjustable. The best machines will have a self-ratcheting system that locks the seat adjustments in place. You must test as many positions as possible to determine this. The machine must be adjustable to fit you and any other users in your home.

Top 3 best Home Gym Set India 2020

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Home Exercise bikes

Exercise bikes are perfect for those people who like to bike outdoors but are unable to for time or weather reasons. Stationary bikes are great machines designed to offer a great cardio lower-body workout. They are very easy to learn and offer a great aerobic exercise. The cycling motion is natural for most people. With your own stationary bike, you can get a health-club quality workout burning fat and improving heart fitness even in bad weather.

Types of Bikes
Upright bikes: These look like a regular bike. These bikes are supposed to offer more intensity, which can be achieved by periodically leaving the seat.

Recumbent bike: These recline at an angle and most offer bucket seats and cushioned back support. They are supposed to lessen strain on knees and lower back and keep blood pressure lower than upright bikes. However, some argue that recumbent models encourage a less intense workout.

Advantages of Best Home Exercise Machine (Bikes)
A great advantage of exercise bikes over other fitness equipment is that it is very easy to read while cycling, because you are already sitting with your hands free and not moving up and down like you would on a treadmill. Exercise bikes are also quite inexpensive. They are very durable and require only minor maintenance.

Benefits of exercise bikes:

Simple motion – most people know how to ride a bike.
Good to the knees – if operated properly there is minimal stress to the knees.
Good for book lovers – reading is possible on most exercise bikes.
Inexpensive – compared to other HFE, exercise bikes
are inexpensive.

You should avoid exercise bikes if:

You are looking for an intense aerobic work out.
You plan on having long work out sessions – your bottom can become quite sore if you use exercise bikes too long.

Usage tips:

Read and follow the advice on your owner’s manual!
Adjust the seat to ensure that at full extension of your leg, your knee is slightly bent. Never allow your knees to become fully extended on a bike!

Top 3 Best Home Exercise bikes India 2020

fitness equipment Gym machinebutton

Best Home Exercise Machine for weight loss India 2020button

Best Home Exercise Machine for weight loss India 2020button

Rowing machines

Rowing machines are perfect for people who like rowing in the real world. They are also great for those of us who are seeking a nice combination of aerobic and strength training. The rowing movement involves all the large muscle groups uniformly, so energy is consumed and calories are burned. If you are after improved oxygen intake capacity and stronger shoulder, stomach, arm and back muscles, then you should choose rowing. It develops the heart and circulatory system and simultaneously avoids straining your joints through natural gentle and continuous movements. Rowing is also recommended for those suffering from neck and shoulder problems.

The most important thing to remember about rowing is your form. If you use improper form, you can strain muscles. Rowing is particularly good for your legs, arms, back and abs.

Benefits of rowing machines:

Full bodywork out – if done properly, most of the force used
is from the legs. Most rowing machines simulate the actual experience quite well.

You should avoid rowing machines if:

You have a bad back – rowing does require/develop a strong back.
You have bad knees – rowing can take its toll on bad knees.

Usage tips:

Read and follow the advice on your owner’s manual!
Keep elbows close to the body for optimal results.
Avoid full extension of the knees and back.

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