Best DSLR Camera in India for Beginners 2020

Best DSLR Camera in India for Beginners 2020 | Buy on Amazon |

What is the best DSLR Camera in India for beginners? While there are many good Digital SLR cameras for beginners. While the final choice would depend on your preference and need, the following cameras have been rated as the top five entry level DSLRs.

Buyers Guide

Professional Tips to buy best DSLR camera in India for beginners

In this age the cameras have got much attention and recognition. It is not possible for the people to stay without a camera. In most of the cases, the digital cameras are being used because these cameras give high resolution and performance. Everyone wants to keep the best moments and events of life in memory. Capturing the photos of these events and moments is the best way to keep the memories fresh forever.

How to buy a best DSLR camera in India?

DSLR camera are perfect for the use. Today, we need the digital images in a great visibility. The cameras capture the photos with the help of lens and other materials. It means if you will have a good camera then it will be possible to capture good images. Why you need DSLR camera? This question contains many reasons. You are recommended to check the following points mentioned in this article below.

If you are finding the best camera then it will be better to check your budget first. No doubt, there will be many readers that don’t care about the money or costs but for the average buyers it is necessary to estimate the purchasing power first. In most of the cases, buying a DSLR digital camera doesn’t require more money. In fact, these cameras are not expensive because these have been designed for commercial as well as domestic use.

Focus on high resolution:

It will be better to focus on the DSLR cameras having more resolution. Never compromise for the resolution because it will be important for you. Actually, high resolution cameras give extraordinary photo results. The pixel capacity of these cameras is so high that’s why there will be no problem to capture the photos in original sense. Yes, DSLR camera equipped with high resolution and good pixel quality usually gives better satisfaction. This is the reason most of the professional photographer prefer to buy DSLR camera.

Check the miscellaneous features:

It is also important for the buyers to check miscellaneous features of DSLR digital cameras. This will increase the enjoyment by keeping the pixels really good for broader image. Among the most essential features following are given below:

  • Good quality lens.
  • A set of lens hood if available.
  • Memory card capacity.
  • Systems and operations.
  • Compatibility with other devices such as computers.
  • Always take care of all these things when buying a best DSLR camera.

Best DSLR Camera for Beginners

While these are by no means the only easy-to-use DSLR cameras, these are probably the easiest to use for beginning photographers with little to know photography experience, for beginning photographers are looking more for quality of picture than for the ability to tailor manual control functions for adaptations and adjustments that more advanced photographers prefer to make on their own without help from any auto features.

Top 5 DSLR Cameras

I am not going to lie, I went into the digital world of cameras kicking and screaming.  Loved (and still do) my Canon Rebel SLR. I never put much thought into swapping out film, waiting a few hours for it to get developed or fiddling with settings until I get what I was looking for.

I will freely admit I was the person that would miss 10 great shots and end up only taking 1 okay one. Until one day I ran out of film and a friend of mine let me use his digital camera. I will not claim I was hooked right away, but it did start to get me thinking about what I was doing. No more messy film developing, no more blowing through a roll in 5 minutes and switching it out for a new roll.

The money alone that I would save on film was enough for me to really open my eyes. So I dug in and started doing some research on the best entry level digital cameras on the market. My list might not be the same as yours, but odds are good that my DSLR list is going to be close. (Oh and for you folks out there that are still stuck in the Stone Age like I was, “D” just stands for digital. SLR is still the same, Single-lens Reflex.) Let’s get my personal bias out of the way first.

1) Canon EOS 1500D

Canon makes a great product and they have been in the camera business since the Earth started cooling. The Canon EOS 1500D is packed with features that make it a fantastic choice for both beginners as well as more experienced photographers. Lightweight and compact, the Canon EOS 1500D lets you take pictures in low light without needing a pop-up flash. You can take flawless pictures in its all automatic settings, or you can switch over to manual for more precision control as you learn how to manage the manual options. This is an excellent camera that will grow with your skills. The Canon EOS 1500D has a lot of features people will love, but also a lot of features you might not need.

Manual exposure is a feature coming from normal film camera that I wanted. You can get rather creative rather quickly when you can start adjusting your shutter speed. I personally love being able to create what looks to be moving shadows as I shoot. BUT this is one of those features that if you do not know you want it, you might not need it. Landscape mode and the other host of different shot types that the Canon EOS 1500D offers is great, from wide angle and nice tight zoom, the Canon EOS 1500D is fantastic.

The auto feature that uses the Scene Intelligent Auto feature is great. In a split second the camera can analyze what you getting ready to shoot and pic the best specifications for your shot. The camera is very user friendly, fun to use and offers some nice features for someone that knows how to shoot already. My only issue with it, it felt like the camera was trying to do too much.

Best DSLR Camera in India for Beginners

2)Nikon D3500

It’s the classic argument. Canon or Nikon? The Nikon D3500 Digital SLR Camera is not only lightweight and compact, but it is also affordable. It has an all-purpose 18-55mm VR lens, high resolution (24.2 megapixels) and incredibly easy navigation. It also boasts an onboard feature that allows you to learn as you go so that you can create crystal clear, professional quality photographs and full HD 1080p movies with both sound and full-time auto focus.

A camera is only as good as its lens and this one is great. It is super fast and takes some of the shaking out of your shots. Nikon offers a great image sensor, but I did find this a bit of a draw back as well. The sensor will try to pick up what it the primary part of the shot your taking, sometimes I found it to focus in on something in the background more then I wanted. Super-fast shutter response and the auto focus makes up for this, giving you a chance to quickly change a shot on the fly. Nikon also offers some need in camera editing as well. The D3500 is compatible with a nice selection of Nikon lenses as well.


Best DSLR Camera in India for Beginners

3) Sony Alpha ILCE5100L

Everyone likes their own thing and Sony makes a good product. I am not the biggest Sony fan because of their customer support issues. But if you’re lucky and you do not have any issues, then needing to use their customer support will not be, well an issue.

Similar in style and features as the D3500 and the 1500D, it offers some neat features that the other two simply do not have. It is faster than the other two, you might not notice the speed difference, but if you taking an action shot like someone running it does a great job of keeping up with out the blur effect that you often will find with many action shots. A great autofocus gives you some fantastic zoom in shots but if you’re looking to shoot video with it, it seemed to fall a little flat. Stereo mic for great sound was Standard LCD screen and a good price made up for some of the issue it has.


The Sony Alpha ILCE5100L Digital SLR comes with 24MP mirrorless camera. It also is known for its ease-of-use with many automatic features that allow the beginner to take flawless pictures, but with a manual option which allows more advanced photographers to produce more specifically tailored pictures. There is also the SteadyShot INSIDE in-camera stabilization that reduces blur even when your hand is moving.


Best DSLR Camera in India for Beginners

4) Panasonic LUMIX G7

When it comes to Best DSLR camera in India, there is no denying that Nikon and Canon lead the pack, especially among the professional grades. For entry-devices though, many newcomers to the world of DSLR find alternative brands appealing because they offer great features at a much lower price, in order to stay competitive with the big brands. The Panasonic LUMIX G7 is certainly one of these models, offering many features. This 16MP budget DSLR has both manual and semi-manual shooting modes, and rather quality image resolutions.

Best DSLR Camera in India for Beginners

5) Fujifilm X-T200


This camera is fantastic and offers a great mix of high end features and user friendly quality. 15-45MM zoom lens with a healthy aperture designed for the user to have fun when taking pictures. Multiple scene modes, and the best panorama shooting mode in its class. The enhanced stabilization does a great job of fixing your issue of too much coffee in the morning. Many of the photos taken with this camera had no blur effect at all. As an added bonus it does shoot HD movies which are a great feature, but I did find the sound quality to be a little off with it.

The built in flash is the only real down point I found with the camera. Often it seemed to over expose the shot giving people a pasty look. This camera fits well somewhere between your true beginner and someone that has experience already with film cameras that are looking to venture out into the digital age.

Best DSLR Camera in India for Beginners


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